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Range - Aircalo



Heating cabinet comfort

Leader in quality and production of residential cabinet heaters, Aircalo offers 3 models from 17 to 29 kW fueled with natural gas or propane:
- Languedoc 19 power 17 KW
- Languedoc 26 power 23 KW
- Languedoc 32 power 29 KW

It is the most advanced unit in air heating for residential or small businesses and commercial volumes by ductwork.

Their particularly compact size allows advantageous replacement of cabinet heaters of all backgrounds.

The exclusive Aircalo burner operating without forced ventilation, integrated with a double steel walls body and an adjustable air flow to any type of installation, give the cabinet heater exceptional performances.


Connected to a network of ducts or in direct blow, Languedoc can be installed without hesitation within living spaces.