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Condensing gas heater

Roséo is an air heater, propane or natural gas fired, aiming to reduce energy consumes: the principles are based on condensation of fumes.

This air heater is designed with a water boiler (range from 20 KW to 75 KW) connected to a water coil. This coil is in the air flow of the main fan. All these components are onboard and constitute a compact heater similar to usual gas heater, but lighter.

Thanks to this kind of split technology, the boiler (and therefore the gas) is located out of the air flow and consequently the safety of the users is reinforced because there is no risk of mixture of fumes with air heated.

Concerning comfort aspects, Roséo offers a wide range of power regulation (ratio 1:4) and the specific PID controller is able to optimize the use of the heater by reducing the power as low as possible.

By doing this regulation of power, we take the advantages of energy savings with condensing boiler: the lower the power supply is, the higher is the efficiency (ranking from 97% minimum up to 108% maximum on ICP) ! Such high efficiencies are not possible with air/air exchanger technology at same price. The energy costs savings are estimated 10% to 15% of the annual gas consume. Consequently the extra-cost for condensing air heaters Roséo comparing with usual no condensing gas heaters is balanced within 1 or 2 years of uses (according to the local gas price).

⇨ Check your energy cost savings with our Roseonet software – free of use on this website (see Home page).