Thème par Emile Garcin
Range - Aircalo



Air treatment unit


LAGON range comprises 11 models covering a flow range from 1000 to 72000 m3/h

Variety of configurations to meet the demands of air conditioning
- Different directions of the suction and blowing
- Wide range of compositions available...

New design to facilitate installation, servicing and maintenance
- Access to elements by large panels hinged or deletion
- Opening of maintenance by quarter-turn panels lock
-  International dimensions filters
- Smooth inner section for easy cleaning...


New design combining business with pleasure
- Outer wall sheet pre-painted white RAL9010
- Extruded aluminum frame with reinforced corners and integrated chassis
- Exterior panels revealing a minimum of screws...


Quality design
- 50mm thick double skin panels
- Isolation joints between the first and second skin
- Crashed joints between the panel and the structure
- Interiors branded items to obtain a high quality product ...