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Electrical heater

Their flexibility and their speed heating enforce the use of the electrical heater «ARMAGNAC» in premises such as:
- Surfaces of sale and storage
- Gym
- Agricultural and livestock premises
- Industrial and commercial premises

In a pleasant presentation, electric unit heaters' ARMAGNAC "are equipped with all components and accessories allowing a quick installation and a safe and quiet operation.
- Armored resistance
- Axial fan at low speed
- Power contactor
- Safety thermostats and control
- Time Fan
- Switch start with pilot
- Body made of sheet steel painted white RAL 9003 and finned metal sheet RAL 9010 protected by a plastic film to be removed after installation of the device.

Made in 2 sizes, they cover the powers of 6-24 kW.
For powers from 15 to 24 kW, the unit is equipped with contactors allowing operation in two stages if necessary.

The proper functioning of the heater depends on proper installation and a correct commissioning.

• Premises with a risk of explosion
• Premises containing chlorinated combinations vapors
• Premises with high concentration of combustible dust
• Premises exaggeratedly wet (electrical hazard)