Thème par Emile Garcin
Range - Aircalo



Industrial condensing cabinet heater


Heating system (gas or fuel) widespread in the industrial world, but also for municipal buildings such as churches or multipurpose rooms … These devices are simply placed on the ground and blow directly into the atmosphere with a long range directional nozzles plenum ( horizontal interior version) or they are connected to ductwork. They are then placed in a boiler room or outdoor (usually horizontal version roofing).

25 models cover a wide power range from 18 to 1100 KW with variable flows from 1800 m3/h to 60 000 m3/h.

This range is derived from the analysis of new thermal and acoustic properties of buildings and takes into account the main criteria:
- Ease of use and maintenance
- Economical running
- High performance depending on the type of device and operating range
- Compact
- 95% recyclable materials
- Design and ergonomic
- Better quality – price

Vertical or horizontal models are available :
Indoor version
Outdoor version

Many standard options are possible :
- Stainless steel body - exchanger
- Regulation for modulating burner
- Direct blowing cover
- Filter box

Any special application can be developed upon request.