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AHU gas

Climatic comfort for large volumes buildings:
The air handling unit Eolis are for commercial (supermarkets, hypermarkets) or industrial (factory hall) buildings. They are equipped with a burner / heat exchanger, natural gas fired, with a very wide range of modulation. Additionally, they can be equipped with a battery connected to a water heat pump to use the most economical energy. Cooling is also possible with Eolis units.

Air handling units Eolis are capable of speeds ranging from 10 000 to 90 000 m3/h for powers from 50 to 800 kW, available at high pressure (up to 600 Pa).

The casings are double skin 50mm sheet steel painted with an aluminum frame. A height 100mm full rack ensures the rigidity and sealing of the casings. All filtrations are available up to F9. Units can be equipped with water coils for air conditioning.


Dual flow system is possible with or without energy recovery.

Aircalo mounts control device in the casing and carries a mandatory on-site commissioning of the unit with the burner after assembly.