Thème par Emile Garcin
Range - Aircalo



Ceiling fan

Elis ceiling fans have a vertical air throw below the Zephyr Ceilling fans and are therefore less effective.

They are silent and recommended to be installed at a height between 3 to 6m and in rooms where the ceiling height does not exceed 7 m.


- Reversible rotation (delayering in winter / Refresh in Summer)

- Pale balanced in epoxy galvanized steel (white RAL 9003)

- Fan protected against spray water (IPX5)


Accessories :

•Electrical disconnect switch, lockable (supplied loose)

•Delayering thermostat to be placed under the ceiling.

•Delayering weekly thermostat remote sensor (to be placed under the ceiling, setting times and the set is the casing wall to the floor.)

•Electronic speed control with on / off button and reversing the direction of rotation

•Mounting kit IPN