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Compact dual flow air handling unit
High Efficiency superposed Heat Recovery Unit EUROVENT certified, with control factory mounted, for indoor or outdoor installation.

Solution adapted to achieve the highest energy certifications in commercial, industrial and tertiary buildings.

Range: 8 sections from 500 m3/h up to 27000 m3/h.

Supplied in one-piece (1, 2, 3 or 4 sections following size and confi guration) up to a length of 3m.

Possibility to disconnect the section on job site (as optional “with wiring connectors”).

Available with high energy effi ciency thermal wheel or counter-fl ow plate, Eurovent certifi ed.Fidji Air Handling Unit ErP 2018 compliant.

Control factory integrated and tested at the end of the production line.

Constant Air Volume (CAV) operation or Variable Air Volume (VAV) operation (accordingconstant duct pressure setpoint, or, CO2 sensor, or, air quality sensor, or,…).