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The commissioning of a hot air generator in mainland France including the following services:

  • checking the gas aeraulic connections,
  • checking the electrical connections,
  • device start-up
  • device / regulation setting
  • control of safety devices / flame control
  • possible user training
  • statement of parameters and provision of an intervention report.

Services remaining the responsibility of the installer:

  • External electrical connections (power supply available and compliant),
  • Aeraulic and / or hydraulic connections (water terminal units),
  • Connection of temperature probes, thermostat, remote control, etc …
  • Filters, anti-vibration mounts, lyres …

If the burner is supplied by the installer, a competent burner commissioner will be required on the day the generator is commissioned.

Make an appointment at least 10 days before the desired date of intervention.

Refer to the “COMMISSIONING ORDER” document for the service limits. The commissioning assistance does not understand the modification of the software.
Any modification of our standard program, and / or, of our list of points (see our functional description) and the list of points of our standard program, must be the subject of a specific study and an additional estimate.