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Fiji modular power plant
Single flow unit certified EUROVENT, with optional integrated regulation, and available in indoor or outdoor version. Complies as standard with ErP-2018.

Solution adapted to achieve the highest energy certifications in commercial, industrial and collective residential buildings.

Range: 14 models from 500 m3 / h to 48,000 m3 / h (at 3.25m / s on the battery).

Main box delivered in one piece (within the limit of transport dimensions) or in multi-blocks depending on customer constraints.

Possibility of easily uncoupling the boxes on site (external assembly clamps).

Available with regulation integrated in the tunnel (with fan motors wired in the factory) or with regulation in separate cabinet (to be installed and wired on site) or without regulation.

Communicating regulation (if present) on ModBus RTU RS485 or TCP / IP, Bacnet IP (AAC) or LonWorks base. Constant flow (CAV) or variable flow (VAV) operation on Air Quality or constant pressure setpoint in the ducts.