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Electrical heater


Their flexibility and their speed heating enforce the use of the electrical heater «ARMAGNAC» in premises such as:
  • Surfaces of sale and storage
  • Gym
  • Agricultural and livestock premises
  • Industrial and commercial premises
In a pleasant presentation, electric unit heaters’ ARMAGNAC “are equipped with all components and accessories allowing a quick installation and a safe and quiet operation.
  • Armored resistance
  • Axial fan at low speed
  • Power contactor
  • Safety thermostats and control
  • Time Fan
  • Switch start with pilot
  • Body made of sheet steel painted white RAL 9003 and finned metal sheet RAL 9010 protected by a plastic film to be removed after installation of the device.
Made in 2 sizes, they cover the powers of 6-24 kW. For powers from 15 to 24 kW, the unit is equipped with contactors allowing operation in two stages if necessary.

IMPORTANT : The proper functioning of the heater depends on proper installation and a correct commissioning. DO NOT INSTALL HEATERS IN :
  • Premises with a risk of explosion
  • Premises containing chlorinated combinations vapors
  • Premises with high concentration of combustible dust
  • Premises exaggeratedly wet (electrical hazard)