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Direct fired cabinet heater
Make -up
This device is intended primarily for industrial premises. It runs on natural gas or propane.

The activity of many industries creates an atmosphere more or less polluted indoor (fumes, smoke, dust), hence the need for a continuous renewal of ambient air during working hours.

The air units generator is the easiest and most economical way to heat outside air introduced into the room. It compensates for extraction of polluted air inside the room.

Direct combustion of gas in the air stream sucked by a centrifugal fan allows a 100% return on PCI.

The unit can be installed either inside or outside the premises to be treated. In this case, its construction is different and generally protected from the weather.

By its design, the air units generator allows great flexibility of operation:
  • no secondary exchanger
  • changes in gas flow rates from 1 to 20
  • 100% thermal efficiency of the unit, whatever the stage of operation
The installation of a “Make-Up” is extremely simple: it is no longer necessary to have a boiler or plant room, or chimney. Usually installed in the upper part of the buildings to be treated, it ensures a constant renewal of air.

Its use is needed in certain types of industries: surface treatment, galvanizing, pickling, in foundries, in paint shops, body shops, whenever there is need to provide air to compensate stale air extraction.