Fan convector


Bornéo 2 fan coils are reversible heating / air conditioning.

The range includes 4 models and 6 sizes, with powers from 5 kW max for cooling and 11 kW for heating. Models available are :
  • Surface wall model
  • Surface ceiling model
  • Concealed wall model
  • Concealed ceiling model
Available pressure is low, then Bornéo units are dedicated to direct blowing applications or with short rectangular duct. For applications with pressure requested (circular long duct), see FUN units.

Version with low power consumption fan is available as option. Brushless commutation fan motor technology can give up to 80% energy saves.

The discreet appearance with epoxy paint as standard for the body, allows easy integration into any type of premises.

AIRCALO offers a wide range of flow control customization, included for brushless motor.