Gas heater
These devices can be connected in a vertical or horizontal suction connection or chimney outlet. The heaters meet the essential requirements of the CE standards on gas units

Gas air heaters OPAL range consists of helicoidal models (16-84 KW). Some configurations allow air curtain assembly. All suspension kits, gas connection and fireplaces outputs are available as well as regulations for each type of installation.

IMPORTANT: These devices can be settled only in areas adequately ventilated, unless the product has a tight connection.
The proper functioning of the heater depends on proper installation and a correct commissioning.
Failure to follow these rules would immediately discharge all liability from the manufacturer.
Installation and maintenance must be done according to regulatory documents and rules of practice in force.

  • Premises with a risk of explosion
  • Premises containing chlorinated combinations vapors
  • Premises with high concentration of combustible dust
  • Premises exaggeratedly wet (electrical hazard)
  • Provide adequate clearance for opening the burner door.
  • The heater must be placed at least 400 mm from the ceiling and 2200 mm of the ground